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Water-Activated Lash Band: No glue? No problem! The lash bands are made with Ardell's latest lash innovation and you don't...

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  • Water-Activated Lash Band: No glue? No problem! The lash bands are made with Ardell's latest lash innovation and you don't need to spend time applying the adhesive on the thin strips. Simply dip the band into warm water, wait for a few seconds and stick on to your lash line. No messy and sloppy glue time! Perfect for beginners and craved for by lash lovers who get sensitive with glue and other cosmetic bonds. The band also comes in black creating that eyeliner effect, you can ditch doing the black lining right on!
    Soft, Short Length Fibers: Go short but fab! Crafted with cute-length hairs perfect for accentuating your natural eye shape and hairs. Next in line for your everyday essentials for school, work or even for a 'lashes but better' day! Not stiff and blends seamlessly with your natural hairs making it look like you just grew new lash hairs overnight! Has that natural curl that stays on until you take them off! Because no matter what, lashes will always be a must!
    Bright, Rounded Lash Style: Quick fix for small eyes! Shorter fibers are placed on the inner and outer corners of the band and slightly longer ones on the center. This superb lash style creates a wider and brighter eye effect that will surely make your eyes more noticeable effortlessly! Perfect for enhancing your hooded, wide-set, deep-set even monolid eyes. It’s a lash made in heaven for your everyday look!
    Casual, Light Volume: The style that stays comfortable! Tailored with super lightweight and flexible materials you won’t feel and look like wearing false lashes. The strands are carefully tapered with thinner and finer tips creating that natural and spontaneous effect - a smooth transition between your eyes and lashes! Ideal for a casual get-up or slightly tweaking your bare-faced look!
  • Application:

    1. Check fit: Align band with natural lash line to check for fit. Remove lash tabs by trimming each end. Trim any excess lash for fit if necessary.

    2. Activate adhesive: Immerse lash band in warm water for 10-15 seconds. Ensure lash band is fully saturated before applying to lash line.

    3. Apply lashes: Secure lash band by pressing onto lash line.

    Removal: To remove, saturate a cotton swab with water and apply along the lash band. Gently peel away lash strip, starting from the outer corner and slowly moving toward the inner corner."