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The Natural collection is inspired by the natural beauty of the eyes. The collection contains stunning shades, you just need...

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The Natural collection is inspired by the natural beauty of the eyes. The collection contains stunning shades, you just need a natural and natural beauty. The percentage of water in the lens is 38%, Lens Base Curve is 8.6mm, Lens Diameter is 14.2 mm, and Country of Manufacture is Korea. The company is NaturalContains Contains: Contains Contains Contents Contains: Contains Contents Contains few packs.

Advantages of natural lenses include good weather conditions, simplicity in a great expansion, understandable to an idea because of the smooth edges that do not cause any eye infections. The company uses all kinds of materials and raw materials, as well as medically tested, and a high degree of certification and licensing from international organizations. It has a large oxygen permeability, allowing oxygen to permeate, allowing the eye, especially when using lenses. It also contains a large proportion of water, which works to moisturize the eyes and protect them from drying out. It works to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays that cause allergies, insomnia and redness for those with sensitive eyes, but it is an alternative to sunglasses. It comes in a suitable size for all types of eyes, whether it is wide or narrow, and it blends perfectly with the natural eye color and can be distinguished.

How to use and maintain Natural lenses: Send the instruction booklet, instructions and instructions from Natural. Sanitize or clean hands and wash them with soap and water, before catching an infection or contaminating it. Not to wear while showering while showering or while taking a shower while the temperature is high, or looking directly at the sun. When removing the lenses put in the pollutant. You should not use the lenses in continuous periods because this is the matter.

Matching Phenomenon Colored Contact Lenses Matching Price Match Your Dress New Look Natural and Colored Contact Lenses at Best Price. Usage Instructions: Gently hold your upper eyelid with one finger so as not to blink or block your eyelashes, and pull your eyelid on your perfume with your other fingers. Firmly toward your eyes. Look up as you apply it to your eyes, then let go of the eyelid and close your eyes for a moment with the lens in place. Repeat with your other eyes.